Welcome to Pixel Petz, a digital haven of creativity

Pixel Petz is a free, open, social platform for everyone to create and trade their own virtual petz!

We are currently working towards Beta release, sign up below to get the next available build.


Create your original virtual pet!

Bring petz to life with your creativity and colour! Whether you're just beginning or a veteran artist, anyone can get started in minutes with our amazing range of tools, bases, and palettes. Design and share your style to the world, pixel by pixel!

All your favourite animals!

From tiny hamsters to roaring lions, playful pups to soaring dragons, 50 different bases ensures there's something for everyone in Pixel Petz!

Play with colours!

Hours of creative expression are a few colourful taps away. Beautiful colours come bundled in different palettes, ready for use or to mix and match. The only limit is your imagination!

Tell a story!

Every pet has a story to tell. Give your creation a personality with a special name and intro!


Let your creativity shine!

Pixel Petz offers an online social platform and community for creative people to meet and connect.

Join like-minded people.

Explore! Discover! Interact!

Discover and follow your favourite creators! Explore new petz every day, and get inspired!

Trade with friends!

When you see a pet you like, get trading! Build your ideal petz collection, and make new friends along the way!

Become popular!

Publish your creations to get noticed around the globe! Maybe you will start the next big trend?


Personalize and show off your collection

Every pet you collect holds a memory - and you're the best curator of your petz and the stories behind them. Organize your petz in one beautiful collection page.

Share your precious pixel petz collection with everyone!


In the meantime, why not take home one (or two, or all...) of these? They'll love to hang out on your forum signatures! Just copy and paste the code next to the petz you like.

Beta Cat


Spot the Dog






Princess Q


Purple Rabbit




Pink Flairy


Party Llama


Tribal Dragon



Customer Support

Dear petzians, we are always at your service. If you have any issues or want to request for a new feature, please reach us anytime! We'd love to hear from you!

Princess Q (Producer)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you like my game. Email me anytime if you have any questions or comments about Pixel Petz! Your encouragement is important to me!

Purple Rabbit (Business)

Dear partners, if you have any business enquiry about Pixel Petz such as press or partnership, please feel free to drop me an email! I will reply as soon as possible.

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